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Jack – the dog that stole my heart.

I was cleaning up after a storm, throwing branches back into the woods, and suddenly a chocolate lab started bringing them back into my yard!  I fell in love that moment!  He hung out with me the rest of the day and we shared a pickle and pimento loaf sandwich on white bread for dinner.  I told him I would buy some dog food if he was still hanging out on my deck the next day.  To my delight, he was there!  I bought dog food at lunch came home that evening and he was gone.  I was sad but hoped he was safe and deep down I knew he was someone’s pet.  After several day’s I figured he found his people and I put the food in the pantry and went on with my life.  Two weeks later he was on my deck again!  I finally started finding out “his” story.  I found out his name was Jackson and that he belonged to a doctor that had a second house on the lake.  He would leave him to fend for himself while he went back to his real home.  Well, that didn’t sit well with me so I called him and told him that his dog had been with me for several weeks now and that I wanted him since he obviously didn’t.  I finally talked the doc into letting me have him but I had to buy Jack from him. He wanted $100,  it was the best hundred dollars I ever spent.  I was one happy person when that check cleared the bank!  Jack and I were clear to roam around Clarksville!  He went with me everywhere. 

Jack had hip dysplasia from a young age.  He struggled as he got older.  We did everything that a dog lover would do for his best friend, ramps for the car, ramps for the deck.  I slept on the couch when he could no longer get up the steps.  We knew we didn’t have much time with him and every moment would be precious.  We helped him to the rainbow bridge on 3/30/2011.  He was fourteen years old.   I hope he knows how much we loved him and how our hearts still ache for him.  That dog and I shared such a bond, such love, loyalty, fun, laughs and tears.  To this day I struggle not to cry as I think of him, some days are better than others.  Thank God for waterproof mascara.  

Welcome to Jack’s House.  I’ve always wanted to do something with animals and with some encouragement from family, friends and hubby, Jack’s House isn’t just an idea anymore.  We offer dog walking, pet sitting, and homemade goodies.  I hope we make Jack proud and we would be honored to take care of your loyal animal companions.      

Our Services

We provide several pet services such as:

  • Pet Sitting - We'll make regular visits to your house when you are out of town and need someone to feed/water pets, empty litter boxes, or simply spend quality time with your pet(s).
  • Pet Walking - We'll come to your house and walk your pet(s) when you are out of town or just otherwise occupied.
  • K-9 Cakes - We bake customized cakes for K-9's so your dog can celebrate special events in style.  Dietary restrictions such as grain free are no problem.


    Several years ago a group of us from work wanted to give back and being animal lovers we knew it would be in that arena.  We decided on Lake Country SPCA (LCSPCA) in Clarksville, VA.  It was a struggling little SPCA with the most devoted staff of volunteers and workers I’ve ever seen. We made the 4 + hour round trip almost quarterly, bringing toys, food for the future adoptees, and even goodies for the staff to eat.  They dubbed us the “Richmond Angels”. Our team has changed throughout the years and so did the number of trips.  Unfortunately, sometimes life just gets in the way of allowing us to do the things we love. However, we try to make it at least yearly now.  Those pups are always in our hearts and weigh heavy on our minds. When I see tennis balls around any tennis court, I’ll grab them and tuck them in my pockets. One tennis ball is equivalent to one happy shelter dog!  I’ve got about 30 saved now to donate to LCSPCA.  There’s also a rescue in New Kent that John and I visited. The lady that runs it out of her own home and property has a heart as big as Texas!  There are many different types of animals there, now happy and safe.  LCSPCA got a grant that included a new facility and new cots for their animals. We bought the old cots from LCPSCA and donated them, along with anything else we could gather up, to the rescue in New Kent for all her animals.  Whenever we do a food drive, we’re the one always buying for the pups/kitties.  Helping our furry friends and doing what we can to help out our community is pretty amazing.  


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